And she produces… a bra!

Guysguysguys, I MADE A BRA

ImageThis is something that even a few months ago I wouldn’t have believed I would do. A proper adult bra with underwires and everything.

I had been dreaming of making bras for a while but figured it was such a specific skill set it would take ages to get even close. Meg posted about her Bra Quest and that brought it more into the realm of possibility, and I decided to try and start my own bra quest, thinking it would be a long time until I had something that I could wear comfortably.

After reading several reviews I decided to go with the Pin Up Girls Classic Bra by Bra Makers Supply, and I went with a kit from Summerset rather than trying to source every bit myself and ending up with a hodge podge of colours – this is Wedgewood Blue. While the supplies took a while to get to me, took even longer to finally build up the courage to make it. I traced off the pattern and it sat for a week before I pulled out the fabric. (Note: I used my regular tracing paper and I wouldn’t recommend using something so flimsy, because the pieces are so small I think you should really use the cardstock and trace route rather than tracing paper and pinning).

ImageSorry for the poor photos – the shiny material is difficult to photograph

I did make a muslin with underwire and everything (just missing the elastic, using woven fabric for the straps and muslin for the band) and while I did make a change, in retrospect it may have been the wrong fix! I’ve worked out over the last year that I have a broad base relative to cup size, so I need quite a large underwire. When I tried on my muslin I had fabric pooling in front of the side of the underwire so I took that out – but now the underwire sits a bit too close at the underarm. Neither of my bra fitting books deal with this so I’ll either add back the fabric I took, or try and lever the underwire out at more of an angle (does that make sense?). The second fix I can try on this actual bra so I’ll see how it goes.


I’m really truely surprised at how good this looks, and how easy it actually was – although it did help to have experience with stretch fabric, and other lingerie (I’ve made lots of underpants) as it’s quite fiddly. I found the bra sew-a-long by Cloth Habit extremely useful.

 The bra has some issues with construction but they’re mainly just aesthetic – the zigzag being too big, etc.Also, I stupidly got my left and right lower cups mixed up so the shape isn’t quite right and there’s some pulling.I did my bar tack at different heights on the bridge casing and I suspect it’s causing problems with the underwire sitting in the wrong place.

Most importantly though, it fits, and fits reasonably well – I wore it for the first time today and while there is a small amount of irritation under the left breast, it’s pretty comfortable! And it’s pretty – I like how it all matches, including the rings and sliders. I decided to put the sliders at the front because it’s sooo annoying tightening a bra strap when they’re at the back, amirite?

ImageA few other bloggers who have recently made bras commented how odd they felt in soft-shell cups rather than padding – I don’t wear padded bras so this isn’t an issue for me. Most of my RTW bras are partial-bands so maybe part of my discomfort comes from a full band, I’m not sure. (The most annoying this about all of this is I don’t quite know WHY I’m getting the discomfort). I would love to make a long-line bra and it should be pretty easy, particularly if I put boning in the sides.

ImageNot sure what else I can say, other than “I have caught the bra bug” – I can see why most bloggers who have made a bra haven’t stopped at one (and this is surely the best bra set in the world – it matches my shoes!), and I’m looking forward to being a fancy lady having matching underwear sets (that don’t cost $100+).

Has anyone else made bras, or thought about it? What about lingerie? I’ve also got the two Ohhh Lulu bralet patterns, which I keep meaning to make again (sooo comfortable). I do make my own underpants as well which is cheap and quick to do once you have a good pattern (I have Ohhh Lulu’s Ginger and Betty patterns found here, and Jalie 3242).


Pattern: Classic Pin Up Bra from Bra Makers Supply, $27

Fabric and Notions: Wedgewood Blue kit from Summerset, $29. It came with this beautiful lace too but I FORGOT to put it on

Total: $56. Not tooo dissimilar from a fancy bra, although I used to rough it and buy $20-30 ones.

ImageFull sun!


19 thoughts on “And she produces… a bra!

  1. Wow! You’ve made me want to throw out my bras and make all new ones! Think I’ll start with pants first to get used to the small pieces and elastic.
    Thanks for sharing the links ✂️😀✂️

    • I would definitely recommend practicing on undies first, cheaper and less sad if they don’t work out! There’s also some free patterns for undies floating around including the pair on So, Zo… ‘s blog (which you can just make taller if you like high waisted ones)

      • Thanks, I’ve been having a look around your blog. I can’t believe how much you’ve made just this year! I like what you’ve made for your other half from the Thread Theory, I’ve been thinking of trying out their patterns for my hubby, and also my nearly 12 year old who’s bigger than me!

      • HAHA I have been a sewing fiend this year, especially the last three months – less work (as in, only doing 40 hours) means more time and energy for sewing!

        I really can’t recommend Thread Theory enough (probably obvious that I’m quite a fanboy), the patterns are drafted really well and the instructions are good. And I’m surprised by how much I like sewing for my husband, there’s a certain thrill to someone else wanting to wear your handmade clothes (especially when we wears them three days in a row), sometimes I get to thinking maybe I only wear handmade because I make myself

  2. Kudos to you for taking the plunge! Your bra is just beautiful! I have two kits and a pattern sitting in my sewing room and still (after a year!) have not tried making bras yet…..

    • Thanks Tanya – I say do it! Know that it wont be perfect on the first go (remember when you first started sewing?) and have fun, and we can be bra-making buddies

    • Yeah I imagine it would be daunting! A friend has just bought all the supplies to make one and I think she’s similar size to you – it’s taken her quite a while to get up the courage to start. I do think it’s more about the shape of the bust than the size – I have a broad base and small breasts which is annoying, and I think I made the base too small. So if you get a bra that goes big enough it should be okay – the Bra Makers Supply ones go up to a 48H which is pretty big (keeping in mind that the cup for a 48H will be bigger than the cup for a size 38)

  3. So pretty! I’ve been inspired by everyone making bras lately, but I have an incredible bra store down the street from me, and it seems so much easier just to keep getting bras from them, especially since I’m an odd size (34F). But this makes me want to make some “lounge” bras. Those Ohhh Lulu ones look so pretty!

  4. nice work!! i am still gaining the courage to try bra making. i have such a hard time with buying rtw bras that fit well that i want to learn how to make my own… but i’m also scared that the patter will require too many alterations! yours is a beautiful first attempt!

    • Heh that’s why I put it off for so long. I think it helps if you go in knowing you’ll have to make changes – use the first few bras as practice with the techniques with each one getting you one step closer to the perfect fit!

  5. It looks very good and professional! Bras still scare me so I think it will be a while before I try making one. I think other fears (uhm, trousers?) will be tackled first.

    • Thanks Emmely! To be honest, I think as long as you don’t totally screw up and sew something upside down, it WILL look professional (keep in mine I did sew the cups the wrong way around). I wouldn’t be too scared of them, although I admit I still am. Are you planning on making trousers for yourself or someone else? I was so hesitant to make myself trousers because I knew I’d have to make heaps of alterations, so I started with a pair for Mr. Guy, which meant I could get practice at the construction without worrying about fit

      • They’re meant for me. I’m in the RTW fast so I know I have to tackle them this year or run the risk of not having any trousers left to wear. This week I discovered a hole in one of my RTW jeans…. I still have the Jedediah pants pattern, so I could make a pair for my boyfriend first but he already has so many RTW pairs that he really doesn’t need any at the moment.

  6. Looks great! I would love to try making a bra, just need to order all the bits and pieces. And putting the sliders in the front…GENIUS!

    • I know! I got the idea from Cloth Habit and it was like a lightbulb – no more undressing to fix them, or asking someone in the bathroom to do it for me.

      I recommend a kit for the first go – I found it really confusing thinking about all the bits I had to get myself and the kit took away all the worry

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