On a roll: my third Sewaholic Cambie


This is my third version of Sewaholic’s Cambie pattern – a dress that suits my body and style SO WELL that I should have made a twenty versions by now. There was a large gap between my first two versions (here and here, sewn about 9 months apart) and another gap before this one – but you can expect to see a few more versions cropping up in the near future.

This is partly because I do just love this pattern, but it also coincides with the Sew Dolly Clacket competition, which is running to celebrate Dolly Clackett herself (real name Roison, although I always feel somewhat odd calling bloggers by their first names when I don’t know them) contribution to the sewing community, and her upcoming wedding. I’ve been inspired by her blog for a while, by how she churns out so many wearable, gorgeous dresses from fun fabrics – she knows what she likes, and runs with it!


I promised myself recently that I would sew more with tried-and-true (TNT) patterns, which allows me to play around with more expensive fabric (taking inspiration from both Dolly Clackett and Mary from Idle Fancy), and I think this dress is a good start.


Like my other two copies of this dress, this is Version A with the a-line skirt and slash pockets. I do want to try the gathered version but I tried pulling out the pieces once and it used a HUGE amount of fabric, which was super unflattering. I might try one more time and see how they go; otherwise I’ll try a pleated or circle-style to skirt to mix it up, so I don’t end up with 10 versions of the EXACT same dress!


Although I could easily be happy with 10 versions of this, lines up side by side in my wardrobe. truly, I love this pattern.

All versions so far have been made with no alterations to the original pattern (not even grading out at the hips!). For this version I made a couple of changes FOR NEXT TIME – namely, lowering the dart point and moving it to the center; letting the waist and hips out a touch; move the sleeves in towards the middle a bit; and removing 1cm from the back shoulder seam.


I don’t have a photo of my waist side on, but trust me when I say this is flattering on my waist; unfortunately the bust darts are too high, I think that’s why it squishes my bust so much.

I think I made the sleeves a bit too tight on this version, because the neckline is a touch higher than would be idea. I also stupidly didn’t use any twill tape on the neckline (damnit, Sophie) so it does gape a bit at the front if I don’t have my shoulders back properly (good posture, Sophie!).


The fabric is a quilting cotton from fabric.com (sorry local shops – but I’m soo faaaar from you right now). I used a red invisible zipper partly because I thought it would look cool, and partly because I didn’t have one that matched.


Unfortunately it pulls a bit at the waist (needs a touch more room in there) but I’m okay with it.


I think you can see that, after my gloominess of last Month, I’ve really started sewing stuff that makes me happy. It’s only March 14 and I’ve made SIX DRESSES! And, more or less, I love them all. At the very least, they’re very wearable and not crap.


Funnily enough, I don’t even have this pattern up here with me – I leant it to a friend who gave it to another friend to return. Which meant that I couldn’t ask her to post up when I realised that I made misplaced the skirt back piece (and the back lining piece!) – I had to draft a piece off one of my existing versions, which worked alright.

Also, halfway through sewing it I realised that I had lost the sleeve lining piece, so again had to draft it off an existing version. Idiot! Again, worked alright. I need to get more organised.


The Deets

Pattern: Sewaholic Cambie dress

Fabric: Polka dot cotton from http://www.fabric.com, about $30 after shipping

Notions: Thread and invisible zip, stash

Total: $30


So stylish.


17 thoughts on “On a roll: my third Sewaholic Cambie

    • It’s definitely very cute – I just need to work out the perfect placement so I don’t get any gape, and the sleeves are a bit too far towards my shoulder which is a bit uncomfortable. But yep, srsly love this dress

      • I ordered my pattern Friday, along with 3m of fabric (yes, 3metres!) and I hope to have it here in the first half of next week. But first I have to do my Sew Bossy Challenge…

  1. Definitely a great dress for you! I love the fabric choice. I made up a Vogue dress last year with almost the exact same fabric. There’s something about polka dots that look good on everyone!

  2. This looks so good on you, so I say yes to making 10 the same! The fit looks so good & I just love the shape if the sleeves & neckline. I’m glad you’re feeling happier & these photos really show it!

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  4. Dammit I can not keep up with the speed you blog! 10 entries behind…

    But this dress is fantastic on you. I have a Cambie with a circle skirt but I don’t love it on me the way I love yours on you. I’ll happily see you make 10 more! (Also, you are very pretty. Just sayin’ cos it’s nice to be told!)

    • I can always tell when you’ve started catching up on blogging – heaps of comments in a row! Heh. And thanks 😀 I was actually thinking last night, I was once told that 18 was your peak… and I can totally discount that, I’m way happier/better looking now than when I was a teenager, good lord. Though I still miss my pink hair and questionable fashion sense.

      I’ve been wanting to make a cambie with a circle skirt.. or any circle skirt, ever. I have fabric I think I’ll make one into soon. Is yours on your blog?

      • Pink hair is awesome! And you can all use your questionable fashion sense. I wore a me-made crushed pink velvet dress on Saturday night. And won a prize. Admittedly it was to be Madonna themed so maybe that’s a bad thing.

        And yes it is 🙂 It should show up on a search or tags. I’ve made two Vambies with circle skirts (flame and purple) and blogged two circle skirts (pink polka dots and pink floral).

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