Sew, miss bossy: my finished Crepe dress

Thanks to this months The Monthly Stitch challenge, I have finally used a pattern I’ve had in my stash for over a year.


I’ve just noticed that the waist tie is uneven in all the photos, soz.

Right throughout the voting, the Colette Crepe was out in front (followed equally by the 1940s tea dress and the Ultimate wrap dress, both of which I’ve already made). I’m not very good at being told what to do, so I’m quite pleased with myself for getting this done so quickly.

ImageAs I’ve mentioned before, I think the main thing holding me back from making this was the amount of fabric needed: I’m quite a fabric stinge so 4m of fabric for one dress wasn’t going to happen easily; but with this being the challenge winner, I just had to suck it up (and even then I only bought 3.5m).

ImageIt turns out that I did actually need 4m of the fabric, so I had to compromise and used the last scraps of the blue rayon for the ties, and I lined the bodice with my muslin fabric (a thin purple gingham – purple! I know) instead of a facing.


As you may have guessed, this is the same fabric as I used in my 1940’s tea dress, but in the red; a drapey rayon from The Sewing Shop (Kerikeri). I actually had to get Mr. Guy to pick this up when he dropped me off at the airport last Thursday – I rang up and asked for what I wanted, so there would be no mistakes!

ImageThis picture shows how I wore it for the morning – I was devastated that it fit so poorly, especially as I didn’t really have to make any changes to the muslin other than lowering the bust dart. I did still get several compliments at work, but at lunch time I realised that I had just done the ties up too loosely! The pictures from this afternoon (no fog!) have this fixed and it looks a lot better in the bodice.ImageI still do have some issues with the fit, namely:

  • Some sagging of the sleeves that I think would be fixed by taking in the shoulder seam by 1cm; I have altered the pattern for this in case I forget.
  • The pockets are too low, by 1-2″. I can still put my hands in them but they’re not the right height for comfortable slouching
  • Both where the ties start on the bodice piece, and the hole in the side that one tie goes through, are too high. This would be fine if the ties matched the bodice, but the blue ties makes it really obvious – you can see this in the photos of me side on.

ImageAlthough I quite like this dress (once I sorted out the tying-it-too-loose thing), I’m not sure I’d make it again (although I’d still love one like this – I need to get some blousing action going on!). Firstly, it uses a HEAP of fabric and I am still a stinge. And I don’t feel that it adds anything to my “dress repertoire” – the cap sleeves are cute but I prefer regular set-in sleeves or even kimono sleeves; the tie is nice but makes it hard to wear cardigans, and is fiddly (I’d rather just wear a belt). It is comfortable but I’ve had to adjust it constantly throughout the day.

ImageI also rather like the low-cut v-neck back neckline, but I’ll just try this with my regular bodice patterns (perhaps using this technique).


So there you have it: the results of my TMS challenge. I’m very pleased I finally made it (it probably would have taken me aaages otherwise).


Pattern: Crepe by Colette Patterns

Fabric: Spotted rayon, 3.5m at $18.5/m = $64.75

Notions: Thread, $4

Total: $68.75




24 thoughts on “Sew, miss bossy: my finished Crepe dress

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    • Don’t get me wrong, I love the blue contrast! It breaks up the red quite nicely. What I was worried about was that the ties are obviously in the wrong spot, but I think it’s something only I would even notice!

  2. Wow, you are getting so much sewing done! I think the back of this dress looks pretty cool. I have to admit to finding it very hard to buy lengths of fabric more than 1.5m for some reason and always end up squeezing the pattern pieces on – which is obviously stupid!

    • My go-to length is 2m, although I’ve been trying to extend that out to 2.5m. A friend (The Dreamstress) actually buys >5m at a time because she figures she can make ANYTHING from that, and would have enough scraps to be worth selling on.
      I did actually buy a heap of fabric from (it just arrived and I LOVE it) and got 3 yards of each, just in case – and I’ll have fun linings for dresses, I guess.

      And yes – SO much sewing! I’ve already blogged 5 things this month and it’s only the 11th! I really should try and space them out for when I go through a slump, but I get excited and want to wear/post it straight away

  3. Oh, I love this! Great fabric choice, and the blue tie works perfectly with it. πŸ™‚

    Also, I love your photo location!

    • Thanks! This is the “Rawene macrocarpa walk”, a wooden walkawy through a macrocarpa swamp that smells like sulphur because of decomposing trees/rubbish leftover from early last centuary

  4. Wow, fast and pretty! I like it. Me personally, I like swinging skirts, so I allways have to buy lots of fabric. For your dress, it was definitely worth it! The fit looks fine and the dress ist beautiful. What makes me dislike a pattern is the adjusting all over the day. I think that’s what makes or brakes a pattern fo rme.
    Herzliche Grüße,

    • the problem is, I love full pleated skirts – but I never buy enough fabric to make them! I’m also wanting to try some circle or half-circle skirts for dresses but again, have few fabrics in my stash that would work. I WILL try and just suck it up though

  5. I’m impressed you have this finished so fast. I’m still working on pants from February!! You did a great job on this pattern. A great day dress.

    I’m loving your photos. The background looks like they could have been taken from a refuge a few miles away. Black Bayou in North Louisiana, USA. Love it!

  6. I like the dress, especially the contrast bands. It gives a fun touch to the dress. Although I think this dress is really nice and looks great, definitely with that eye-catching back, I have to agree that you have far prettier dresses in your self-made wardrobe! But a great dress anyway. And I am a bit of a scrooge as well. I usually peruse the remnants tables these days, and often find pieces of only 1.5m. Making fun twirling dresses is nearly impossible like that… I should get back to splurging on fabric…

    • Oh 1.5m makes it really hard! What can you even make out of that – a top, I guess? Maybe I should do that though because I really need more tops (I keep making dresses instead). I’m trying to not be such a fabric stinge, which so far has just meant that I’ve bought $38/m (!!!!) fabrics for skirts (a mustard wool suiting and a silk), now I need to start spending money on linings!

      But yes, I fully agree – nice dress, but not as nice as others that I have made. E.g. the cambie dress which I’m halfway through making again (and will make another few times soon) – simple, doesn’t use heaps of fabric and suits me so well!

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