TMS: Miss Bossy Patterns

So sewing this month has gone rather on the back burner; we’re moving in a week and have to pack up the whole house, then stay at my brothers house for a week, then drive two days to get to our new location. Then added to that, we cleverly decided to get a new puppy so she is taking up a lot of our time.

I do have two items close-to-finished that I will try and get done soon – but not promises.

I can, however, get ready for March’s Theย  Monthly Stitch challenge: Miss Bossy Patterns:


The option that won out the voting poll was “use a pattern that’s been in your stash but you haven’t sewn yet” – but this was too easy. So, the idea is for me to choose several patterns from my stash, and to have my friends/followed choose which pattern I have to sew. This was actually surprisingly easy because I don’t have that many patterns in my stash. In fact, I just looked through it and said “where are all my patterns??”. I have culled all my “unnecessary” patterns to the ones I actually want to have/sew/wear (plus a few that I don’t want to use in the near future but handy to have around, like M.C Hammer pants, and a gorilla costume – are you surprised to hear these aren’t in my “unused” pile?).

From my unused-and-should-probably-get-around-to-making pile, I have selected the following patterns:

Colette – Crepe

This one actually has been hanging around in my stash for a looong time – probably because it uses a lot of fabric and I’d need to make a muslin first. I have a navy cotton/something blend that I could use for this.

Sew Over It – Ultimate Wrap Dress

Ultimate Wrap Dress

I bought a boring but really nice Merino-Tencel blend in grey stripes for this. Hopefully it wont be too boobilicious for work.

Sew Over It – 1940’s Tea Dress

ย 1940s Tea Dress

I’m dreaming of this in a navy polka dotted fabric, but will make do with a purple rayon/Tencel from my stash. You may say that I’m cheating with these last two, and you’d be right – they definitely haven’t been laying around in my stash (they arrived today!) but still. I want them. So I guess it’s double cheating because I may just make it regardless (should I admit that?)

Selfless Sewing: Thread Theory – Jedediah Trousers

ย Jedediah Pants Sewing pattern

I should probably get around to making these for Mr. Guy. I have some navy linen to make the shorts, and some brown corduroy for the trouser version

Butterick – 6481

This is just a plain shift dress thing that I’ve been planning to use to make a shift to wear under dresses.

Simplicity – 5393 (6 gore skirt)

(Picture from google images). A simple size-gore skirt with waistband, that I’ve had for quite a while and just haven’t picked up the excitement to make yet.

Gertie’s Book for Better Sewing – The Brocade Dress

I actually have a fabric that’s very similar, but is two-toned pink. I reckon I will really like this dress once made, but I imagine it will take some time to get the fitting right. Worth it in the end though, right?

So: which pattern should I make during March for my Miss Bossy Patterns challenge?


26 thoughts on “TMS: Miss Bossy Patterns

    • They’re both wrap dresses I’m pretty sure – one has a contrasting waistband and the other has it made from the shell fabric. You probably will see it because it’s definitely winning the race – although at this stage it’s going to be in a pretty darned boring fabric

  1. I could really see you in Gretchen’s dress, I think you would look fantastic in it. Something to look forward to after the move, regardless of which pattern gets chosen, ey?

  2. I voted for the brocade dress, because I want to make it, but hate to print out computer patterns, so I’ll live vicariously through you!

    Looks like Crepe is the fave of others here–I’ve made it and it’s a delight–I wore it til it was worn through from washing.

    • I also dislike printed patterns (except that they’re cheaper and you get them immediately) – but I didn’t know the brocade dress was available online? I just have it from the book, so I’ll still need to trace it out (but wont need to do any cellotaping).

      The crepe does look really comfortable and easy to wear, I think the main thing stopping me is that I’m a fabric stinge!

  3. I voted for Crepe, because I was so pleasantly surprised with it when I sewed it up. I may have ordered the Sew Over It Wrap Dress this evening. I’m doing really well at this not buying patterns thing…

    • I do imagine that the Crepe is lovely to wear – I don’t really know exactly why I haven’t sewn it up yet (I think it’s the need for a muslin, and the amount of fabric it uses), so it’s good this challenge came along!!
      And I may have three separate pieces of fabric for the wrap dress already! And I don’t even know if it’s going to suit me, hehe

  4. I love both of the Sew Over It patterns, but I haven’t bought it. I’d love to see you make both! May be it will encourage me to buy the pattern! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’ll try and do a thorough review on them, because I haven’t really seen much written about them – first impressions of reading through the instructions seem good, except that they’re obviously designed for beginners and don’t have instructions for overlockers (in fact, one part of the wrap dress can’t be done with an overlocked side seam, so I’ll have to figure that one out)

    • Hehe I know. It’s part cheating though, because I plan to make most of them at some point – and the shirtwaist, the two Sew Over IT patterns and the gored skirt, I plan to make soon once I have the fabric. The Crepe probably would have had to wait, but it looks like that’s the winner!

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