Giveaway winners

Alright! Thanks to everyone for participating: we had 67 entries/comments in total, and I had a HUGE amount of people start following the blog (leading to increased strutting at work). Thanks to Jo and Thread Theory for spreading the word.

My dear husband put all the numbers into a random number generator, and the winners are:

  • Number 65, Cammie, has won the hardcopy – looks like your dad is going to get an awesome cardigan!!
  • Number 29, Fenna, has one the PDF copy  – your husband is also going to get his cardigan 😀

I bet this is you two right now:

Thanks to all those that entered! And thanks so much to Sarah, Morgan and Matt for providing the patterns. For those who didn’t win, Sew Squirrel will have the paper versions in stock soon to order (I’d like to buy all three, even though I own all the PDF versions already).

And sorry there’s no finished garment today – there could have been, I even finished a dress today in sunlight hours ready to be photographed; but I left my camera at my SIL’s house. Dang.


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