Stashbusting 2014

A lot of you will be aware of the 2013 Stash-busting challenge, where people pledged to sew a certain amount of their stashed fabric. Last year, I mainly wanted to join in because the button was so cool… but thought I was too late to join + didn’t have a blog for most of the year.

ImageWell, it’s back for another year, and I’ve decided I will join in this year. My stash isn’t as big as some people I know but still, a stash is a stash. I actually start feeling uncomfortable when it gets too big (I’ve had nightmares about that hoarders TV show), and am less likely to sew, so last year I actually got rid of a lot of fabrics I wasn’t all that keen on sewing up – I was very tough on myself and, at an estimate*, probably got rid of half my stash (most of which was given to one sister-in-law).

Nonetheless, a made garment is a hang of a lot better than fabric sitting on a shelf, and I never want to have pieces that are so precious I’ll never sew them up. Yes, I have a piece of chiffon and a piece of silk cotton that will be in there for a while, but only until I feel I have the skills to not balls them up.

So, without further ado: I, Sophie-Lee, commit to using half my stashed fabric in 2014.

I actually just counted my stash and it comes to 53 pieces in total. I have an average of 2m per piece so that’s about 106m of fabric. Plus, there may or may not be a 40% off sale at Global-That-Was this coming week (I see some wool crepe in my future…) Some of this fabric is for other people (two pairs of pants for Mr. Guy, leggings for my mum, merino’s for people) but most, of course, is for me.

Luckily I have a 3 month contract up in the far north (several hours away from any fabric stores) so I’ll be doing my very own Desert Island Sewing. So if I take up a reasonable amount of fabric I should be able to churn through it, because I WONT BE DOING 15 HOUR SHIFTS FOR THREE MONTHS! Yipee!!

ImageThis is my “I could sew any of these, any time” pile. Plus notions on the left.


These are my more specific pieces that wont get sewn in the near future (wool felt, chiffon, laces etc)

Are any of you thinking of pledging? I’m not sure how well I stick to challenges like this but it was good to actually count how much I had (and I separated some more that I’ll be selling at the next Fabric-a-Brac). Do large stashes make you nervous or do you love the idea of rolling around in that much fabric?

* I’m very bad at estimating. Once, my husband asked me how tall I thought some trees were, and I guess 100m. Also, I hate the word “guestimate”.


18 thoughts on “Stashbusting 2014

  1. Me too, once when doing a very realistic budget and reviewing the previous year’s spending I estimated I had spent $1800 on fabric and related stuff (eep!) but it turned out I had spent $5000 (EEEEPPP!!!) So now I am far, far more conscious!

    • AHHHRRGGHHH! That would be a horrifying realisation. I almost didn’t want to count my stash in case it ended up being 200+ pieces – but, I have gotten rid of half of the stuff I’ve bought in the last few years so I will have wasted a lot of money.

      I like to remind myself that it’s a hobby, though – some people would easily spend $5000/year on their hobby!

  2. I think I’m totally …well I know I’m totally addicted to fabric. I use some, but I’m always on the lookout for that perfect color. (LOL) Good luck on using your stash! I look forward to seeing your creations.

  3. I haven’t come across Stash busting before – how does it work, do we just make a pledge on our own blog or is there a button (like me-made-may) that we should use to show our commitment … I think I should commit to stash busting … but I do love fabric so much that one day (when I grow up – haha) I want to own or at least work in a fabric store 🙂

  4. I’m sort of in, as in I will try to sew all the projects I have in mind for my fabric, although I think my stash doesn’t exceed more than 20 pieces of fabric, so I will definitely be buying fabric this year as well, maybe just not as much as last year.

    • That’s probably a good way to put it – I do have plans for several pieces too, that have just been waiting until I’m excited enough to sew them. 20 pieces certainly isn’t much, and you probably want to have SOME pieces left in there

      • The more I sew from the stash, the more I can buy 😀
        I like a bit of stash, but I don’t like a stash that is too big, it makes me nervous… So do those 3 pieces of fabric that have been living in my stash for over a year… Everytime I see them, they make me anxious because they are still not transformed in pretty dresses…

      • Why not just pledge to make those three pieces into dresses this year? I do get really nervous when my stash is too big. Even though I’ve done a huge purge I feel like I should get rid of more

      • I am absolutely commited to making those three pieces this year, but I still haven’t found the perfect pattern for them. I know exactly what I want, but just can’t seem to find it…

      • I have two butterysoft cotton chiffonlike fabrics with bird prints. Very lightweight and very flowy. I’m looking for a summer dress with a V-shaped neck, but one with two seperate panels that are gathered under the bust and that are sewn together about 2 inches above the empire waistline. The skirt should be flowy, wider than A-line, but not a full circle skirt either. The closest match I have found is V8727, version E. So I think I will search for some similar muslin fabric and give this a try. The other fabric I have is a pistachio-and-yellow silk. It’s pretty heavy, I would make pants out of it, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t wear them, so that would be a waste of gorgeous fabric and money. I have two weddings to go to this year, and it would be nice if I could finally wear a dress made of this silk to these (I already said the same thing 2 weddings ago…). For this one I’m thinking along the lines of B5894, B5603, a Deer and Doe Belladone, a Sewaholic Cambie, a By Hand London Georgia or maybe a wiggle dress, but then I would have to buy Gertie’s book, or maybe I should make a blazer, (Victoria or Bellatrix) with it… You can find a picture of the fabric <a href=""/a&gt; It’s the second from the bottom. Ugh, there are just too many options for this precious fabric!

      • It’s another bird print than this one, this one was made into an Eclair for a wedding last year, but I still haven’t seen any photos of it… 😦

        And that Tea party dress from Sew Over It is absolutely adorable, I just added it to my pattern wish list… Another pattern on that list… :-/

  5. Just yesterday I had to get something out of my guest bedroom closet. I noticed a rubbermade bin in the back on the floor. Lo and behold! MORE FABRIC I HAD COMPLETELY FORGOT I HAD! Yikes! I think I have no choice but ro join in this stash busting challenge!

  6. Good luck with your pledge! I’ve signed up to the stash diet 2014, same idea as the stash busting sewalong. Moving house recently made me realise however fabric if accumulated!

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