My blog: now more popular than erotica. Plus, a giveaway!

Edit: This giveaway is now closed – congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those who entered.

This week I’m celebrating my 50th (and 53rd) blog followers! Woot. When I first started my blog four months ago, if you googled “tworandomwords” (and asked google to actually search for it rather than separating the words out), the first result would be an erotica writer. Who hasn’t even submitted anything to literotica. But now, I take up the top four posts.

So I thought to celebrate I would have a giveaway from one of my favourite indie pattern companies, Thread Theory. As lots of you will be aware, they’re a Canadian company designing menswear patterns that dudes will actually want to wear. Their patterns include the Newcastle Cardigan (see here, here and my version here), the Strathcona Henley Tee (examples here, here and my version here), and the Jedediah Trousers (see examples here and here; my versions will come when Mr. Guy gets around to tracing the patterns). They are also working on a Pea Coat which is currently being tested.

Thread Theory’s patterns are really nice to work with; well drafted, excellent instructions and great customer service. I highly recommend them if you’re wanting to dip your toe in menswear, or even if you’re an old hand. Previously they’ve only been available as PDF files (although luckily I’m friends with the clever Mel from Curious Kiwi, who can wizard them into a wide format and print them) but Morgan and Matt have just started printing them in hardcopy. So lush!

I’ve been lucky enough to be offered TWO patterns to give away – a PDF version from Thread Theory themselves, and a paper copy from Sarah of Sew Squirrel. Sarah is a sewer herself (ugh that word, sewer. But I hate sewist or sewista even more, and seamstress is usually reserved, in my mind, for someone who makes their living on sewing) who also has a shop selling indie patterns from Australia, making them much more accessible to those of us in the Southern Hemisphere. Her international shipping is only $3 and items arrive very quickly – and the one time when NZ post decided to faff around for two weeks, Sarah offered to re-send the patterns even though it wasn’t her fault. THAT is amazing customer service.

In addition, because Morgan and Sarah have been so generous, I have decided to donate to the Fred Hollows Foundation. Fred Hollows was a kiwi ophthalmologist (eye doctor) who did countless operations restoring sight to people in developing countries; and the foundation carries on that work by doing cataract operations in the Pacific Islands, and by training local healthcare professionals (doctors and nurses) in eye care. It only costs $25 for each cataract operation so even with a small donation, you’re changing one persons life completely.

So, the giveaway

To enter, simply comment on this post: tell me which pattern you’d like, and who you’d make it for. I’ll do two draws, one for the paper hardcopy and one for the PDF version. Edit: they both include international postage (and erm, emailing of the PDF).

May I also suggest that it would be an awesome idea to follow my blog – see links on the top right sidebar in order to follow with Bloglovin or by email.

Good luck – and thanks for reading! I’ll finish with my favourite picture on the entire internet.

For bonus points, I love puns and cheese one-liners.

Disclaimer: I’ll never actually be more popular than erotica.

110 thoughts on “My blog: now more popular than erotica. Plus, a giveaway!

    • Thanks for your post on it too! And although I don’t think it would be fair, I wish I could enter myself in the competition to win a paper copy – I want them although I already own all three in PDF format

  1. Yay! I want the Newcastle cardigan to make for my husband, the darn cutie that he is! Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on your awesome and ever-growing blog ๐Ÿ™‚ off to plug your giveaway!

  2. Even though I should ask for the jebediah pants pattern for my son Jebadiah, I’m not quite up to trousers yet. So I’ll ask for the Newcastle cardigan to make for my husband as he was promised something a couple of years ago and I do have the merino ready to go. Thanks and enjoy the blogging success!

    • I’m not sure if I’m ready for pants yet either! But I might trace the pattern out at work tomorrow (I know I’ll have almost 7 hours with NOTHING to do). The Monthly Stitch’s February challenge is pants so I need at least one pair finished by then

  3. Woah, more popular than erotica! My man would like to go in the draw for the Jedediah pants, thank you. Well done on your blog – I began following just after you said you’d gained 10 followers and that wasn’t long ago at all.

  4. Mr Thai Guy likes the Newcastle cardigan, so I hope we’ll get lucky.
    One thing I wanted to tell you is that the polka dress suits you well, I really like its style especially with the brown leather belt, trรจs classe. it deserves a second chance, maybe with some adjusments?

    • Thanks! Yeah I think I just need to lower the front neckline a bit – which will involve cutting and sewing on a new collar. Which may mean it never gets done – but hopefully it still gets worn

  5. The Henley tee please for jack or me but actually probably for me… no, that would be greedy- for jack i guess… and I love how rhythmic and synchronised the dancers are- they seem to have a lot of energy considering their apparent age.

    • I have two ladies t-shirt patterns you’re welcome to borrow! The Renfrew by Sewaholic and the new Plantain pattern by Deer & Doe. And a non-stretchy Scout Woven Tee by Grainline studio.

      Yeah I can watch that gif for longer than I’m comfortable admitting

  6. Found this blog thanks to a friend, and it helped me get (even more) into sewing. The cardigan looks like a lot of fun to make. I’d make it for my own greedy bones, but chances are it would end up in my girlfriends closet after a few wears.

    • Thanks! What kind of stuff are you sewing at the moment? The Newcastle cardigan was actually really nice to sew up, I was expecting it to be a lot harder!
      Surprisingly I haven’t even tried my husbands version on – if you were wanting to make one for her, though, Morgan featured one she made herself on the Thread Theory blog

  7. Hey soph! Lovely to see you have 50 followers now. Awesome!!! I would love any of the patterns for Karel. But my fav would be the cardigan followed by the t-shirt. It’s just too hot for pants up here ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I’d love a copy of the henley. Like yours, my guy doesn’t really wear henleys, but the t-shirt looks great for basics.

  9. Congratulations on so many followers already! I would love to win the Strathcoma Henley for my boyfriend. The Jedediah pants are already in my sewing queue.

  10. Found your blog from an email from Thread Theory and would love the Henley Tee for my gorgeous husband who has to put up with all the sewing talk, levelling hems and pins!!

    • Yep, my husband has to put up with pins all over the carpet, and knows his job is levelling my hems (luckily I have a hem marker so make it easier). He luckily doesn’t have to hear much sewing stuff except for stuff like “look how clever I am! I’m so clever” and “oh no, I stuffed up again”

  11. My BF has made a plea for me to make him pants (funky striped 70’s pants, at that!), so i’d love to win the Jebediah pattern. I’ve never made pants before, so it would be a challenge…

    BTW: I love your blog, so I am now following. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Striped 70’s pants! He’ll have to find the fabric first! But yeah, I actually have two lots of fabric already in my stash for Mr Guy’s pants, I jut haven’t been brave enough to start making them yet.

  12. I think your dress is fantastic. My motto is finished is better than perfect. Regarding the give away, I would make the Newcastle cardigan for my son. Thanks for the chance

    • I also prefer finished over stuck-in-the-cupboard-because-it’s-not-good-enough. I am at the stage where I’m really wanting things to be perfect, but I can’t quite make them perfect. So sometimes I throw tantrums.

  13. I’d love the Strathcona Henley. Actually,,,I’d rather go to Strathcona,,,but that’s not the giveaway,,drats. I’d make one for my son, who seems to get left behind in my sewing world. Congrats on follower #53,,and add me to your list (I’m following now too).

    • Hi Mary! Yeah it’s so hard to get motivation to see for others! Especially menswear which tends to be a bit harder than womenswear (construction wise). Hopefully he gets lucky ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I would definitely pick the jebediah pants – to make for my boyfriend and probably also my brothers. I love that you’re making your guy do the tracing of the menswear patterns – great idea that I might have to put in place on my end!

    • Lucky brothers of yours! Yeah I figured he had to do something to help, other than pinning my hems. He still hasn’t done it 1-2 months down the track though so I’ll probably end up caving and tracing them out

  15. I just stumbled across your blog (thanks to Thread Theory) I already have all their patterns but just wanted to say how much I like your blog and I am now officially a follower ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I would love to make the Newcastle cardigan for my husband. I haven’t sewn anything for him in mmmmmโ€ฆ..almost 20 years?โ€ฆ..

    • It’s totally acceptable! After you first posted that I thought “WOW I wonder if I have even more followers!” and.. it was just you, hehe. But I just rechecked it – 27!

      It’s annoying that one can’t really get an accurate count of followers, what with so many different RSS readers.

  17. Congrats Sophie-Lee! You are inspiring me to start my own sewing blog. I just started teaching myself to sew last spring, and I’ve had my eye on those Jedidiah Pants for my Prince Charming for months now. I even bought the fabric for them already – aqua-colored linen! He’s been patiently waiting for me to make something for him. I think 2014 is going to be the year!! (*fingers crossed)

    • Wow, that’s awesome! I love reading about people’s development from beginner sewers to being more experienced/confident.

      I must admit, I can’t quite imagine aqua linen trousers! I bet they will be rad though. I have some navy linen for Mr. Guy’s version

  18. Congrats on your growing blog. It’s a great feeling knowing you’re part of a community and not just writing words into a void, isn’t it!?! I’d love a copy of the pants. I’ve made the cardigan for my man and he loved it and I think I’m up for the fitting challenge that will be getting a pair of pants over his badonkadonk ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ah, it is SO good to know people are actually reading what I’m writing – gives such confidence that I strut my way around work now.

      I love the word badonkadonk. I once went out with a dude (my friends called him Rick the Dick because he was really mean to me) who we said had a “bubble butt”

  19. Congratulations on your milestone! I recently made the Jedediah shorts for my brother for Christmas (it’s summer here) and was so pleased with the results, thread theory patterns are amazing! I would love the Newcastle Cardigan pattern to make for my boyfriend and father.

  20. Hey my name is Jessica, and I would make it for my school’s fashion show this year! Already got a head start on the Jedediah Trousers!!!!

  21. Hello! Oh, how I love finding more antipodean bloggers. Yay!

    I’ve already got Jedediah, and have cut out a pair for my partner. I cut them, oh, months ago. They’re still waiting to be sewn up. It’s not an unfinished project until I give up on it ๐Ÿ™‚ No reason for the delay, I just havent felt like sewing them up for him. Also, it’s a bit his fault because he went out and bought two new pairs of trousers shortly after I cut out the fabric.

    The Strathcona Henley tee is next on my sew-for-him list (well, it’s on the list with other things, whether it comes next or not depends on … whim) but I don’t yet have the pattern because Ive been waiting for the paper pattern because if theres a paper pattern, I much, much prefer it to be PDF. If I successfully make a Strathcona for my partner, then I’d also make it for a few male buddies I have, who are impressed that I sew clothes, so I want to impress them more by sewing something especially for them. And then they’ll hang out with me more often. (Maybe)

    • Yeah I cut out a top (Scout tee) and dress (Cambie, no lining cut yet) all ready to go about a month or two ago. Not sure why I haven’t started on those yet, just… yeah no reason either!

      I also way prefer paper patterns – I still trace all my patterns but I HATE cutting and cellotaping all the pieces together!

  22. And here’s one more follower, found you from Thread Theory! I’ve only read a little bit of your blog, but I’m loving what I see! I would love any of these lovely patterns, although I’m loving the Newcastle Cardigan, and the Goldstream Peacoat!

  23. I’m a Canadian Thread Theory admirer and a new follower of your blog. I’d love to make the Newcastle Cardigan for my hubby (although I might make it too small so I could then steal it ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Congrats on the blog…I haven’t got the chutzpah to get there yet!

  24. Love your blog – such a great sense of humour amongst those words!! Very torn between the Jedediah trousers and the Newcastle cardigan ๐Ÿ™‚ – but the Jedediah trousers would be such a perfect pattern for my 16yo! Perfect style, and he would wear them! Don’t want to miss out on anymore of your sewing adventures, so I am now a “follower”. Thanks for your generosity.

  25. I was just looking and excited about the Thread Theory Newcastle Cardigan, which I would make for my hubby – I clicked over from the thread theory blog – have enjoyed what I’ve seen!

  26. I love Thread Theory and have made the Newcastle Cardigan. I would love to try the Jebediah Pants pattern. Congrats on your blog milestone!

  27. Ooh I love Thread Theory’s designs and would love to give one a try. I think I’d go with the Newcastle Cardigan. I think my youngest brother would wear it and maybe my Dad…. Good luck with your blogging!

  28. I might have been eyeing up the Newcastle Cardy for a wee while now (so would looove it), but have had to make some fairly tough pattern decisions recently = new Papercut Collection for me, or mens clothes for my husband….I think we can all guess which took priority! Can recommend the Jebediah pants though, have just made the shorts as hubbies Christmas gift and they are fab, the sewalong that Thread Theory did was great and made the whole process super easy, including the fly!

  29. Thanks to the thread theory blog here I am! Would love the strathcona henley pattern for both my partner and me (ssshhh why not?) off to see what else you have blogged…

  30. Love youre sens of humor! I have been googling Threads Theorie patterns for a while, and even though I like the Newcastle cardigan best, my husband woul probably not wear it. So it had to be the The Strathcona Henley and T-shirt pattern. Or, wait…. the Newcastle cardigan? Oh. it is sooo hard!! I`ll offcourse be adding you to my Bloglovin feed:)

  31. I would love a copy of the Jedidiah pants pattern! I have no clue when I will find the time to make them, but they would look great on my husband.

    • I just read your post about the Strathcona Tee and have now changed my mind. I love the way the t-shirt version looks (my husband probably wouldn’t wear the henley) and think that this one has a much better chance of actually getting made, since it will be super quick on my serger!

      • The t-shirt pattern is probably ore likely to be used over and over – it’s really quick to make up, especially with an overlocker and a twin needle. The only limiting step is that I don’t like cutting knit fabric out.

  32. Congrats on hitting 50+! I,as many others, would love to make the Newcastle Cardigan. As soon as I saw it I thought of my son Jake, it’s so his style. Thanks!

  33. Found you from Thread Theory, It’s nice to see how the men’s patterns ended up. I’d love to try the Strathcona shirt pattern in paper for my husband.

    Looking forward to reading more about your sewing projects.

  34. More popular than erotica, now that’s funny!!! I would pick the Henley pattern and would make it for myself and my husband. Everyone needs a warm henley…..!!! Good luck making it to 100. MeridethinWyoming

  35. Congratulations, I think I’m the only follower of my blog, so naturally Im insanely jealous!! I’ve just finished the Jedediah Shorts. They’re a great pattern company – the sew a long was particularly helpful. I’ve already been requested to make their henly pattern, so winning that would definitely be handy.

  36. Wow, four months and *fifty* followers?! Congrats! Any tips on growing one’s blog following? I’ve been posting for moonnnnths with very low readership…not that I started blogging to be popular, but I would love to hear other folks’ suggestions, ideas and experiences!

    Also, I’m totally psyched about the Thread Theory patterns – I actually just bought the Jedediah Pants pattern! So I elude love to put my name in for a hard copy of the Newcastle Cardigan (alas, I don’t have a printer…).

    Wonderful blog, I will definitely be back!

  37. I just finished sewing the Newcastle Cardigan for my dad and have two more cut out and ready to sew for my son and my roommate. I also have two brothers and when they see the others’ versions I think they’ll want their own. Of course, every one of them is a different size…trace, trace, trace all the live long day. I love Thread Theory and I am thrilled that they introduced me to your blog.

  38. congratulations!! You are going so well! IMuch more popular over here! Maybe people were actually searching for erotica and wound up here? ha ha, just kidding! You have earned another follower too!!
    I would make the pants, for my husband.

  39. Just discovered your blog and LOVE it! With the intense desire to win the NewCastle cardi to make for my long-suffering man in mind, a pun for you… The theory is that new threads for my man will get me a real pattern the back….

  40. I agree that these patterns are great to work with. I hope I win the hardcopy pattern, I already have all the PDFs. My husband was so happy that I finally made something for him.

    • Haha I would also love the hard copies – I think I might have to suck it up and buy them when Sarah gets them in stock. Having the physical copy is just so much nicer (and easier to store)

  41. The Henley would be my pick, I would love to see my hubby in that! Wow only a few months in and look at you! I am a few days into blogging and love reading others. Its just so blinking inspirational!

  42. I just bought the Newcastle Cardigan to make for my husband, so my second choice would be the Jedediah pants. They look very flattering and modern. What I’d really like to make for my husband is the Peacoat, but it hasn’t come out yet.

    • I’d also love to make my husband the peacoat, but I think that will take me a looong time – maybe a project that I do a little of each week. At least it’s summer here so it’s not needed in any hurry

  43. Thanks for the giveaway and I’m glad to have found such a great new blog to follow (thanks to Johanna). I’d love the Henley tshirt pattern as it would be so nice to do a bit of sewing for my husband!

  44. I’ve been eyeing the Jedediah pants for my husband… They look pretty RTW. (I’ve been following your blog via Feedly, btw)

  45. Well I would like to win the trouser pattern. Reason being my son is 6’2″ (and really skinny) and all RTW pants are anckle swingers on him. Thanks for the funny pictures too. Enjoy the blog.

  46. Yay, congratulations, I can only aspire to be more popular than erotica!! If I won I’d make the Newcastle Cardi for my dad to make up for the fact that I’ve been promising to patch the knees in his jeans since August!

  47. Wait! I’d have to choose one? But I like them all! When it comes down to it, my husband bought himself the merino fabric for a top a good 5 years ago now, and keeps asking when it will happen (while being fully supportive of my starting two businesses in the meantime), so I’d best go for the Strathcona Henley.

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