Lobster lips

Sooo, guess what I made??

Yep, another pencil/straight skirt. ImageI’ve really gotten into this “tried and true pattern” business – I know this pattern fits well, and it’s such a daily wardrobe staple I could easily make and wear 20 of these. It’s flattering (I’m pretty sure 😀 ) and comfortable, with enough room for my badonkadonk when I go from sitting to standing all the time at work. Image This version is made from a cotton-polyester drill from The Fabril Warehouse. Medium-weight with a teensy bit of drill. Unfortunately it wrinkles a bit and does sit kind of weirdly, but meh. Don’t care.

In terms of construction, I trimmed the interfacing back to the seam allowances before fusing:

ImagePinked then trimmed the top waistband seam (the clippings look like little love hearts):

ImageI added my usual vent (next time I will try doing a kick pleat, for fun):


And, the best part, I added piping!


Green tartan piping.

ImageI love piping – such an easy way to add pizazz to an otherwise simple garment. And look how well it lines up at the back!


Lapped zipper, baby.

It, erm, may not have a button yet and is currently done up with a small safety pin. The button I bought (which matches the colour perfectly) is too big for the tiny flap I kept on the waistband. I’ve been thinking I might just put on one of those huge hook-eye-tab things like you get on pants.


Not much else to say, really. I promise I’ll put some more interesting stuff on here instead of copy pastas. But really, I could make and wear 20 of these.


Pattern: Pencil skirt from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing

Fabric: 1.5m of cotton-polyester drill, $24 (could have gotten away with 1m)

Notions: Zip, $4, thread and interfacing, stash

Total: $28

Mr. Guy took me up the hill for photos, rather than having them always in the back- or front yard. It also involved swings!https://tworandomwords.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/p1050220.jpg

.Location shots FTW


So – do you guys tend to stick to one pattern you know well or continue to challenge yourselves?

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7 thoughts on “Lobster lips

  1. It’s really lovely. You look great in it and I so want to add piping to something!! What a cool detail 🙂 another fantastic garment 🙂

  2. Good job with the piping, I likie. I have so many patterns in I want to sew that I never have any intentions to make a pattern more than once at first, but lately I’ve noticed that I have two of most things – i feel a bit like noah ark’s, everything goes into my wardrobe two by two.

    • I love piping. Unfortunately the piping shrank in the wash because I didn’t think to pre-wash it, but I was able to largely tug it back into place (because there was no piping cord in the zip seam).

      I think I’m going to need to make a proper waiting-list for my patterns, so I actually follow through on all my plans

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