Gertie’s pencil skirt #2

Aaand, I’ve made this skirt again.

ImageI’m even wearing the same top as last time.

This Gertie high waisted pencil skirt is made from a stretch denim with leopard print (obviously). To be honest the denim is not the best quality (although you wouldn’t guess that when the original price was $39.95/m!! What the hang, Arthur Toye), but I loved it at the AT 50% sale and wanted another skirt.


The details are all similar to last time; I used the same base size (12 waist to 14 hips, I think) that I traced last time. This time around I actually cut the excess fabric from the side seams from my pattern pieces. Interestingly, although I feel like it fits quite well and definitely isn’t too small, I can see some diagnonal pulling lines at the back. Maybe it’s something I’ll never get rid of while I have curves (mainly my pansita) and a bootay. Although it might partly be the fabric, as my sateen one didn’t do it so much.


It’s as if all the lines are pointing at my bum

I also took in the waistband a touch; last time I had to remove about an inch from the top of the waistband by angling the side seams. I wanted to keep the side seams at a 90 degree angle though, so snipped through the waistband piece from top to almost-bottom three times, and overlapped each piece by 5mm – so I ended up with 3cm less in total at the top of the waistband without removing any from the bottom. Perfect.

ImageWore it to work today and it’s comfortable for all the stand-sit-stand-walk-sit-standing I have to do.


ImageConstruction wise, it’s sewn with machine and finished with my overlocker. I did a lapped zipper using Scruffy Badger Time’s tutorial which I love, and it finishes with a button. Vent added like last time – see this post if you’re interested in how. This time I did no hand-stitching, instead using my MOST AMAZING NEW SEWING MACHINE FOOT, a stitch-in-the-ditch/edge stitching foot, which I picked up for $12 (I was expecting to pay $20-25) at fabric-a-brac. The stitching is perfectly invisible from the outside and just leaves a (very) straight stitchline on the bottom inside waistband.




Pattern: Gertieโ€™s high waisted skirt

Fabric: Leopard print denim from Arthur Toye’s sale, $20/m. 1.5m bought (1m used) = $30

Notions: Thread $2, button and zip, stash

Total: $32



18 thoughts on “Gertie’s pencil skirt #2

  1. Hurrah!! I love seeing that someone else likes lapped zippers too! Your skirt is fab, loving the fabric and I really like the length….I’m in mid plan for my winter pencil skirt and am mulling over hemlines y’see. Thanks for the link ๐Ÿ™‚

    • These two skirts are the first time I’ve ever done lapped zips, and now I know why people love them! I’m pretty sure they’re actually how my mother taught me, but I promptly forgot. So much neater than centered zips

  2. So freaking cute…again! I absolutely love this skirt on you. That subtle leopard fabric is so chic! I really need to get to this pattern, because I’m totally having skirt envy right now. Love it!

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    • It’s partly because my husband seems to prefer taking photos of our cat rather than me; and because the cat is a huuuge attention seeker. Whenever we walk outside he runs to scratch “his tree”, and looks back at us as if to say “look how clever I am!”

      I’ve been meaning to make the portrait blouse for a wee while; even half traced it but then got sick of that and got distracted by shinier things!

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  6. Hi, just thought I would let you know that I recently made a skirt out of pretty similar fabric! I love the high waistband on yours, it’s super flattering and the kind of detail you really need to make yourself to get the perfect fit.

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