A spotted resurrection

When idly thumbing through the few garments hanging up in my “WIP closet” (most aren’t actually WIP’s, they’re things I’ve made and don’t fit, hoping to sell to recover costs of materials but have no avenue to do so; or they’re things that need some minor adjustments, e.g. shortening) my eye was caught on a certain blue polka dot dress.

Hmm, I thought, what’s this doing here…


(the dress in question is no longer in there, because I’m wearing it right now. You may notice two other blue polka dot dresses – one I’m giving to a friend once I put a zip in it, the other just needs re-hemming)

I made this dress a few years ago, to wear to a gig up in Auckland (No Sleep Til Auckland – a weird mix of punk (NOFX – who were awesome as always – Dropkick Murpheys, Alkaline Trio, Frenzal Rhomb – who were extremely disappointing as they were playing “metal” to make fun of the rest of the crowd, rather than playing their cool upbeat Aussie punk) and metal (Megadeath, GWAR – interesting, to say the least – 3 Inches of Blood etc)). At the time it fit well although the sleeves kept falling off; and after my weight loss in 2011 it became too large.

Hence going into my closet, in the hope that I may get around to taking it in. Which I haven’t done (I hate alterations).


Until the other day – when I tried it on again. I am somewhat pleased to say that it is still too big


Although luckily I can get away with wearing it as a skirt, with a jersey over top.


I think I’ve almost gotten more compliments on this “skirt” today than any other item! Including from patients.


The pattern is McCall’s 5292 (easy stitch ‘n save), the fabric is a medium weight cotton ?drill from Christchurch’s Spotlight (a horrible store because it’s soooooo busy and the staff are unable to help you, either because of how busy they are, or because of lack of knowledge).


Please excuse the stain, I… don’t know how it got there.

Not much else to say, except that this will get a lot of wear (again), and I’ll probably look at making this pattern again. I should probably try fitting this one down, but I really do hate alterations.


Mr. Guy is not the best photographer. Sure, he takes heaps of photos, but doesn’t seem to realise that stupid faces, dappling light/shadow over half my face, unflattering shots are not what I want; and if they are the majority he will get dragged back off the computer to take some more. You know I find myself sounding more and more like my mother these days – “in the time you’ve spent arguing you could have done [the chore] twice by now!”



6 thoughts on “A spotted resurrection

  1. My guy is pretty bad at taking pictures too [though can’t really blame him, he’s kind of forced into it]. It’s probably the only time I wish I had a camp boyfriend who would do the whole “chin up, shoulder down, pout a little more” routine.

  2. I love your dress! I hate alterations too, but I think this one would be really worth the effort! I’m trying to train my husband to take the pictures that I want for my blog, but of the 20 or more we usually snap, only 5 or so are really useful. He likes to include the scenery, when all I want is pretty pictures of my dresses…

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