I’m getting ahead of myself.


So, Arthur Toye’s, a fabric shop in Wellington (and Palmerston North) is shutting down, and selling EVERYTHING in store at 50%. While the other girls of the WSBG are mourning, I’m merely happy that I got to pick up a “bargain”. IE the fabrics there are so over priced compared to other shops in Wellington, that their sale merely brings the price to “relatively affordable”. $39.95/m for a stiff cotton sateen when I can get a silky one for $18/m at The Fabric Warehouse? $30-40/m for linens when I can get them for ~$18/m at Global-That-Was (The Fabric Store)? Add to that an extremely rude serving lady, and I’ve only been into AT once in the year I’ve lived in Wellington.

In saying that, I’m always up for a sale, and did end up getting some nice fabric for a good price; and I actually have plans for all this fabric although it will take me a while to sew it all (and my stash is growing at an alarming rate).


Clockwise from top:

  • Leopard print stretch denim, originally $39.95/m (!), got 1.5m for $30 -> will be a pencil skirt
  • “Nectarine” viscose polyester blend – looks like linen but doesn’t crease – 2m for $15
  • Floral rayon, 3m for $30 (this one was apparently priced wrong and she was adament that it was originally $25/m despite the ticket saying $20. The man gave it to me for the cheaper price). Am thinking this will be a maxi Anna? Not sure how I feel about maxi’s but I figure I’ll try it out.
  • Swallow viscose 2m for $25. Lovely drapey feel, this will be a summer dress.
  • Plain cotton (?voile) for lining, 2m for $15
  • 8x cottons, $2 each!
  • A few invisible zips for my large zip stash, $4 each
  • 1m of woven interfacing. Boring, but half price = $7

I know this is another post that’s not related to a finished garment; I’m trying to finish off my Butterick 5747 and it’s dragging on a bit. Almost there but I might cheat on it today and make something simpler to get me going again.

At this stage there’s no way I’m going to meet my initial goal of 4 dresses for Frocktober (working 60-70 hour weeks kind of tuckered me out) but 2.5 is still pretty good, right?? And I have already made my November item for The Monthly Stitch which puts me ahead.


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