So, my third/fourth dress for Frocktober. Fourth because I have the Butterick 4757 almost finished, third because this one is actually done. Yes, I cheated on the butterick. I got extremely stuck with one part of the instructions and the pattern pieces not matching the pictures or the words, so it got put aside. Then, once I sorted that out, I got annoyed by the bound buttonholes I decided to do but left until the last minute.

So, with a day off from work (I worked labour day so decided to immediately use my day in lieu), I’ve hung up the butterick and have made this little lady.

ImageThis fabric I bought a month or two ago from The Fabric Store – no real idea of what it would become, but me being a sucker for sateen I bought it without really thinking about it. Pre-washed, it sat in my stash waiting for inspiration, until today when I just wanted a quick fix. It’s a very lightweight sateen (I think it’s 100% cotton) that will be lovely to wear in the summer.

ImageI may have some kind of inability to wear a dress without a belt. If that’s the case, I should get more than two belts.

The whole thing is basically New Look 6723 – the bodice is my sloper which is actually drafted using this pattern, and I used the skirt pieces.

ImageI made tulip sleeves using this tutorial (thanks Mel for the suggestion!) I really like tulip sleeves and don’t often see them on RTW garments. The tutorial was really easy to follow and do up. I did end up having to unpick the sleeves at one stage because I forgot to make sure they were overlapping the same way on both sides (IE the front overlapping the back piece)

ImageLeft sleeve

ImageRight sleeve

The sleeves and skirt is hemmed with my narrow hem foot, almost perfectly. I really was close – I’m getting better with this foot – but there’s still a few squiffy bits. You have to concerntrate hard with these feet!

ImageThe zipper has puckered a bit which is annoying – this is the first time I’ve had this since I’ve started interfacing my zip openings, it may be because I used a woven interfacing instead of knit? Maybe it just needs a darn good pressing.

ImageThe neckline is finished with bias binding. It probably deserved a full bodice lining or facings, but hey whatevs.

TBH this isn’t the best made dress (the top of the zip is a bit squiffy, and the tension on my machines seem to be a bit off for this light fabric and has lead to puckering), but pretty darn good for an afternoon’s work! It’s very wearable and will be work appropriate. Plus, I do love the tulip sleeves – I’ll be making more of them.


Pattern: New Look 6723, stash

Fabric: lightweight sateen from The Fabric Store, $36

Notions: invisible zip, $4. Thread, interfacing and bias binding from stash

Total: $40


6 thoughts on “For frocks sake: Frocktober week four.

    • Thanks to YOU for the suggestion! I have another dress with tulip sleeves planned, but trying to think of a way to lengthen them a bit. It might just be the fabric of this one but I feel like the sleeves aren’t quite as highlighted as I would like.

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