Thrifted: the most amazing dress ever

I’m not sure if this is cheating on my RTW fast; but I couldn’t pass up this amazing dress.

Basically, $8 from St Vincent de Paul’s in Newtown, Wellington. It’s a drapey sheer polyester in BRIGHT coloured leopard print.

It has some significant shoulder pads. At first I had planned to take them out, but my brother convinced my otherwise, and I’m quite enjoying them!

The sleeves are rather long, which is a bit OTT; they’re more comfortable rolled up.

Sooo comfortable, the waist seam is just elastic. I would never had thought to do this; I wonder if I’ll ever make a similar thing. Hopefully!

And in case anyone was wondering…. I got a perm! Ha. Everyone I mentioned it to looked horrified, as if I was going to look like this:

But noooo just a gentle wave. The Powder Room is bringing perm’s back, baby!

In other news, hooray for summer coming to Wellington! After getting my hair did (and missing a sewing date with Mrs C and a friend of hers) my sister-in-law, husband and I went to the Rogue and Vagabond for a drink and latelatelate lunch. That place is going to be SO BUSY in summer, as they have a lovely grassy patch right out front and have bean bags and rugs. Also, they’re right beside The Fabric Store.

“The Tough Chick”


One thought on “Thrifted: the most amazing dress ever

  1. There are a few places bringing perms back, Scout Hairdressing is the other one (ex PR employee, opened her own salon). I tried getting a perm a couple of years ago to help with vintage hair styles but my hair won’t take a perm and it just fell out straight away. Sigh.

    I must say, a perm and am 80s frock in one week? You’re living life on the edge! Go you!

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