My second Anna, in sea cotton


This is, obviously, the second dress I have made from By Hand London’s Anna pattern.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this dress on me. It’s the same size as my previous one (I think I used a 2cm seam allowance because the last one was too big) but this cotton has zero stretch so it is toooo small. You can see it pulling around my ribcage. I’m also not sold on the colour on me – I looove the fabric, a light teal with seagulls over it, but a whole dress of it on me is pretty bleh.

In fact, I didn’t get a single good photo in this dress – which may be because I dragged Mr. Guy out for another set of photos after doing the Cambie; or because I chose to wear these shoes which I don’t like – too high and don’t fit right, and make me fel like a giant.

The lace at the bottom was just going to be a hem facing, but I decided I liked it and let it hang. Still not sure though.

This is the first item in a wee while (that I can remember) that I don’t really like. It is well made (except I forgot to clip the facing seam, whoops) but, after making it ~1 month ago, I haven’t worn it once – and that’s not just because spring hasn’t quite hit Wellington yet.



Fabric: Teal 100% cotton with white seagulls, from trademe. Cannot find the price, let’s say $20

Pattern: By Hand London’s Anna dress

Notions: cream invisible zipper, $4.50. Fabric and lace, stash

Total: $24.50


9 thoughts on “My second Anna, in sea cotton

  1. get out !
    what’s not to love about this dress ?
    if you hadn’t mentioned the things you are not quite happy with I wouldn’t have noticed…
    I love the colour and fabric , and the little lace detail !
    a necklace would add to the whole beautiful look,
    so nice….
    : )

  2. I really like this dress! Have you thought about wearing a wide belt with it in another color or something if you are not too keen on that color on you? I think it looks great on you.

  3. Hello lovely
    I adore this dress, and what a nice combination with the yellow shoes! You are such an elegant lady, but your elegance has a hint of humour and vitality in it, which I absolutely adore. I am absolutely impressed by your blog, I will visit it more often! Alina

  4. I’m popping in to join the chorus – this dress is lovely! That fabric really is amazing and, honestly, I think the color is quite nice on you. Leaving the lace trim exposed is such a sweet detail.

    That being said, sewing something up that you’re personally not pleased with is such a creative buzzkill. I’ve totally been there! That’s one of the few downsides of sewing – if you don’t end up liking a garment, a lot of time and frustration has gone into it. So much worse than changing your mind about RTW!

    • That is so true – buy a RTW dress and regret it? “Oh, that was a bit of a waste of money” but move on. Let alone how well it fits you. But something you’ve sewn? “Oh look at this part that doesn’t fit; and this bit of poor construction; etc etc” and I always feel the wasted money much more keenly.

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  6. Like the others I think this is lovely! Turquoise is pretty much one of my favourite colours in the whole world so I’m possibly heavily biased but I like the colour on you too. If you need to add some oomph, accessorise with bright colours. Canary yellow belt and necklace, or fire engine red.

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