UFO sighting: a floral Cambie

I’m not sure how I feel about the sewing term “UFO”, or “unfinished object”. I do prefer WIP (“work-in-progress”) – not really because of the implications, but because it sounds like a whip, making you keep working. However, regardless of what I call it, I can happily say that I’ve finally finished a dress I started right at the start of the year.

ImageI have been told by my most amazing enablers (the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Group, whom I have recently joined) that this is not that long a time to have an unfinished item, in the scheme of things – in fact, I have some trousers (Burdastyle 7447) cut out for probably 1.5 years that I haven’t touched – but I am trying to get rid of them. If anyone wants pattern + fabric pre-cut in size 18, please take it!!. Otherwise, I feel I should probably keep the guilt of not finishing going so it doesn’t become a habit.

ImageThe dress is (another) Sewaholic Cambie. As mentioned in my post about my first version, I had this bad boy cut out soon after finishing the first. But my lack of suitable lining fabric, and then a lack of motivation about sewing a full lining, meant I continued to put it off and, to be honest, I completely forgot about the dress until a few weeks ago.

ImageThe pockets are the perfect height and depth for comfortable standing.

This version is made in a cotton (ooh I think it’s 100% cotton so it counts for Fall/Spring for Cotton!! A few days late, and not a vintage pattern) sateen that I eyed up several times at Spotlight before purchasing. I think it might have actually been Spotlight in Christchurch, which means the fabric is >1 year old.


Not sure why the waistband is so squiffy in this photo; I’m almost certain it’s not IRL.

ImageThe lining is, again, from Spotlight – a yellow pongee lining that I got on special two weeks ago. Cut out at Social Sewing last weekend and finally sewn together yesterday, whilst watching Star Trek TNG. Invisible zipper and lining as per Sunni’s free Craftsy video

ImageBlurry shot but shows how flattering the dress is on my waist.

Not much else to say about the dress. I love the pattern – it’s straightforward to cut and sew, beautiful shape and flattering on my uber-pear shape. This version is a touch more gapey than the last.

ImageRather than stitching-in-the-ditch or what not ( I am terrible at that), I top-stitched/edge-stitched the neck- and arm-holes.

ImageI realised after taking most of the photos that the top of my dress was unzipped, whoops! And EEP! Stray threads! I made Guy go out and take out a few more.

ImageSince a few of you were interested in my chickens, meet Grunhilda. Pearl and Faucet are still mucking around in the garden.

ImageShe was not impressed.

In other news, today I got my 10th blog follower! Woohoo!!


13 thoughts on “UFO sighting: a floral Cambie

  1. I really like this sweet dress, I REALLY need to make up my cambie, its not like I don’t have the fabric to make it! Oh and I love the green tights you wore with the dress and hello chicken friend 😀

    • I wore these tights with coral/orange shoes today and felt a bit like Michelangelo (the TMNT), although I got several compliments (as usual when wearing bright stockings at the hospital). Unfortunately they have several runs in them so they have to be thrown away 😦

  2. Adorable as always! Gosh I covet that fabric-I’ve never seen it in store but it’s amazing! Ack I so want to join the cambie club!

    • I bought it ages ago (~1 year) in Christchurch. I did see fabrics from the same range there the other day – blue flowers with large blue polka dots behind them.
      And you should most definitely do it – I could try and post the pattern to you if you wanted, rather than waiting until I’m near the Hutt or you’re in town

  3. What a beautiful dress! I’m following your blog since yesterday and I’m already amazed how much clothes you produce. So I was glad to read that you also have WIPs or UFOs or whatever you like to call it.
    I really really love the fabric you choose! Very pretty and flattering.

  4. Ohhh! I love this fabric and it goes well with this dress! I have a similar fabric to this, and I haven’t figured out the right pattern for that dress. I think I’ll have to make the Cambie. It’s really lovely! Great job!

  5. Hello creative godess
    this beautiful dress with its floral pattern in the beautiful Southern Hemisphere light makes me miss Wellington more than anything. You were such an important part of our having a wonderful experience there, and I could not be more grateful. Next week I will start a drawing class and I will surely draw you in this dress! Alina

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