Houndstooth Hollyburn

This skirt has been in the making for a while. I bought the horsehair braid months ago (the first time I ever met Mrs. C, hooray!); the fabric 3 months ago; and made the bulk of the skirt probably 2 months ago. Then it has hung in my “WIP wardrobe” for a month.


The pattern is Sewaholic’s Hollyburn, with the front piece cut on the fold rather than with a seam. I initially made the Hollyburn straight waist band and interfaced with horsehair canvas. Did not sit right at all. So I unpicked that and made a curved waistband (the one I’ve made from my Ginger skirts). Again, did not sit properly – and the side seams didn’t match up at all, which I couldn’t really let slide.


So again, I unpicked all of that, and decided to just go for an elastic waistband. One month later (a week ago) I finally bought the elastic, and only this evening finished the whole thing.


As you can probably see from my face, I’m not totally sold. The elastic is crazy comfortable, and it fits well – a touch tight perhaps, but I’ll never need to actually use the invisible zip I put in. The pockets are comfortable. But I think I’m going to have to take out the horsehair – you can see from the photos that it ripples, meaning I pulled it slighly when sewing the hem down. I also don’t think it quite works with the fabric – I think it needs to be a bit stiffer to look right, or I need to hand-sew it rather than topstitching.



Otherwise I do really like the skirt, and have had a compliment already about the shape and hem, so there. We’ll see if I get around to ripping the hem out and stitching it down like normal.


This picture makes me want to make a million leotards so I don’t get those stupid lines on my bum from my tshirt/singlet showing through. Leotards with crotch snaps like when we did ballet as kids.


One thought on “Houndstooth Hollyburn

  1. I think you’re right, horsehair braid needs to be in a fairly structured fabric to begin with. Also, it machine washes terribly, it creases and kinks and this is quite obvious. My dress with horsehair I only wear occasionally thank goodness or I’d have ripped it out by now. The shape is lovely on you, very cute, and yay for finishing ufos!

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