A mashed shirt dress

Kia Ora!

After my success with the green shirtwaist dress, I wasted no time in making another – in fact, I had started cutting this bad boy out the same day I wore the green one.


Those lines at my hip is only because my hands are pulling it all down, I swear 🙂

The bodice is based on my princess seam bodice, and the collared bits from the Gertie’s shirtwaist dress. I have NO IDEA why the collar lines up so weirdly, considering I traced the neckline and collar exactly from the other pattern – but as it is, you’ll see there is a huge gap between where the bodice folds and where the actual collar starts. Mrs C and The Dreamstress helped me pick out a couple of buttons to put on the lapel to make it look intentional, which I haven’t added yet – will do it soon though as the left lapel keeps unfolding (possibly because of the shoulder bag I wear all day at work).

The main buttons are also from Made Marion (I love the triple pun of that name, although until now I have been calling it MAde on Marion).


The fabric is a cotton sateen from The Fabric Warehouse – 102cm wide (boo) at $12/m so ended up being the same price to buy 3m as 2m of full priced sateen. I walked out of the shop, looked at it again and smiled – good choice Sophie! I’m getting better at choosing fabrics that should be made in to clothing, similar to those you’d find in RTW.

The sleeves are, again, a mix of the Gertie dress and my own sleeves – wanted to get them fitting properly in to the armscyth while being the same length as the previous dress; and I kept the bands cause I quite liked them. I “stitched in the ditch” rather than hand sewing this time (in quotations because I can’t really do it in the ditch, just near and either side)


Poppin’ my collar. My hair looks like a helmet.

I am very happy with this dress. I think the fabric choice was great, it fits well and is comfy. The waist seam hits exactly at my waist, and the length is perfect for work (at the knee). There is some pulling of fabric in the bodice but hey, I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of all lines – only if I was half my size.


Cons: I need to get around to making a pressing ham, those darts are pointy! The collar is a bit odd. And I forgot to make sure the darts met up with the princess seams, so they don’t. Whoops. Also, the bodice back was a bit bigger than the skirt, so I added tiny pleats which adds to the ease in the shoulders.



  Inside: the seams are all overlocked. The tiny bobby pin (busted!) is because the lapel kept unfolding, as mentioned earlier.

https://tworandomwords.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/p1040458.jpgThe hem is done with some nice crisp bias binding from (I’m sure you can guess) Made Marion.


Invisible zipper in the side seam. I put it in upside down thinking if it was the right way up the zipper tag would annoy me, but I don’t think it actually would – and this way you can see it on my hip! The seams are pulling a bit despite being stabilised, but look at that seam matching!

And a bonus today: a picture of our chicken licken’s, eating up some malt left over from beer brewing, and some lettuce leaves – we get them from the bin in the produce department where people have stripped off the outer leaves, I always feel grotty rummaging around in there.



9 thoughts on “A mashed shirt dress

  1. First up omg you have chickens. I love chickens! Well done on the dress, you are still my sewing hero for making such cool stuff 🙂 if I teach you to knit, you can let some of your sewing skills rub off on me 😉

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