Colette Rooibos in teal linen

Another old project; I think I made this in April 2013. I had lurked google images of this dress for weeks before I ordered the pattern, and then had to wait for it to arrive from Sew Squirrel (all of like, 3 days to get from Aus to Wellington). I made up a full muslin and didn’t change much, just narrowing the shoulders. The waist and hips fit well with my usual grading of sizes, although I think it has too much ease – because of the shape and fabric the excess fabric over the hips sits out a touch, widening my waist (because the “waist” band sits around my rib cage, not around my natural waist)


It’s made in a teal linen from (then) Global Fabrics. The trim is a cotton with a tiny floral print that I bought from Spotlight in Christchurch some time last year – I made a dress from it but, not even knowing about muslins, made it way too small (can’t get the back edges to approximate at all) and with really thick interfacing (also not knowing that much about interfacing).


I actually still have it in my wardrobe as I love the fabric sooo much I can’t bear to get rid of it. I recently realised that I could just lop off the bodice and use the fabric for a skirt, phew!

  Next time I make this – and there will be another, when I get the right fabric – I’ll reduce some fabric around the hips. As I said above, it has a bit too much ease, which isn’t very flattering. I also want to lower the neck somewhat as it hits me in a strange place, and use more piping (this one had so little because I screwed it up when making it). I thought about removing the tiny collar like some people have done, but it’s one of my favourite aspects so it’ll stay. The pleats make for pointy side boobs.


It’s also a bit too short for my tastes, meaning I can’t wear it to work and needs pantyhose worn with it. It does look amazing with bright pink stockings, as I found out on Tuesday.


Pattern: Colette Rooibos, bought from Sew Squirrel

Fabric: teal coloured linen from Global Fabrics, $20/m (I’m not sure if I got it on special or not) and leftover floral cotton drill for the trim

Notions: I actually bought matching thread for this baby; so thread $4.50 and zip $6

Total price: $50.50

I ‘m finding it’s quite useful to actually work out how much each piece costs. I’m often unsure as to whether I’m actually saving money or not by sewing my own clothes, given how much I can spend on fabric. $50 for a dress seems a lot, but when you consider the minimum you’d spend on a dress at Glassons would be $50 (and probably not linen at that price); Mac, Jacqui E and other women’s clothing shops you’d spend minimum $130 full price.

I do realise that I spend more than I think on each item though, when you take in to account thread and zips. I used to just use threads from my stash but am getting better at matching threads (as a lady – Georgia? – from The Fabric Store said, you have to work a lot harder with non-matching threads because you can see mistake easier). I’m planning on building up my collection of colours so I have hundreds! The husband aka The Mustache is hopefully making me a thread holder to go on the wall to display them, like this one:

We have bought the dowels and a drill piece, and have spare wood in the garage, so I just need to nudge him to actually doing it!


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