Old projects of 2012: Sewaholic Cambie in summer fruit

https://tworandomwords.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/dscn5431.jpgI made this beauty soon after moving to Wellington from Christchurch. Now that I think about it I have no idea where the fabric is from – probably Spotlight as I hadn’t discovered Global Fabrics or The Fabric Warehouse yet.


This was my first Sewaholic pattern; I think I had only recently started getting in to sewing blogs so I think this was my first ever indie pattern. I made it in a straight size 12 which was amazing for me – not to have to grade two sizes for my hips.https://tworandomwords.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/dscn5430.jpg

Close ups :

               IMG_1664    IMG_1665https://tworandomwords.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/img_1666.jpg

Not much else to say – I wore this dress a LOT last summer. I’m not usually a white clothes kind of person (too dirty) but this colour actually really suits me and is really nice in full sun. It’s lined with a very thing cotton – batiste? I’m not good with recognising fabric types – that was a nightmare to work with, but is really nice to wear! El cheapo from spotlight.

It has a hand stitched zipper – my first time.


You can see how thin this is, just a light gauze really. It ate the thread right in to the thread dogs mouth.


Straight after making this I actually cut out some stashed sateen to make another – and it’s still sitting in my draw, half made. I got to the “oops I need to cut out lining now” stage and stopped, not having any lining. I also bought some linen with a fine houndstooth pattern to make another (copying Kitty’s houndstooth cambie) and again, it’s still nicely folded in my stash.

I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten on to making them – how strange that I LOVE this dress, the style suits me so well, it’s not difficult to make – yet I have stalled making another one. Perhaps I could blame it being cold but that hasn’t stopped me from making other summer dreses and just wearing them with cardigans.

I actually *ahem* have another half-made cambie to match this one – my sister-in-law wanted to learn how to sew and she didn’t want to try one of my skirt patterns, so we went here. I wasn’t aware that she had never even touched a machine in her life, let alone sewn darts; so again, it’s folded up waiting for my attentions.https://tworandomwords.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/dscn5433.jpg

Maybe this should be the kick in my behind, to get my half-made cambie finished and to start the linen one. White is not good for work (work can can be…. messy. I have to put a pair of shoes in the washing machine today) but the navy houndstooth would be amazing.



7 thoughts on “Old projects of 2012: Sewaholic Cambie in summer fruit

  1. You should finish off all your Cambies production-line style 🙂 They are so cute on you! And I love the fruit salad fabric, good old Spotlight, sometimes they turn up some gems. I know what you me about the white thing, I have two fabrics in my stash that I love but they are on white backgrounds and I just don’t know why I bought them but I still love them.

    • Yeah I was wondering whether I could cut two linings up at the same time and do it all in a day or two.
      I don’t even have any lining fabric – it’s not exciting enough to buy! I really should stock up on some so it’s just there when I need it.

  2. This is adorable, the silhouette is gorgeous on you! And that fabric… I’d’ve bought it too, it’s fabulous. You NEED to finish the others, this is just too stunning to not be on your body in lots of colours.

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