Dresses of 2013

So now some dresses I made in 2012.

The first is a dress I didn’t actually make; I got the main dress from Glassons for about $10 on special, and added the strip on the bottom because lord, RTW dresses these days are short.


I’m sure it’s not just my height and derrière that makes RTW so indecently short! I have talked to other who have the same problem, but it’s one of the reasons I started sewing my own clothes:

1. Clothes are just too damn short. It’s not, like my brother said, just because I’m overweight and can’t get away with shorter; I just don’t think it’s very appropriate, especially at work.

2. I was never really able to find things that fit well. When I was younger I had to buy men’s pants from Hallensteins. More recently I could only buy skirts with full skirts to fit my behind – anything else and it either fit on top and couldn’t even pull over my hips; or it fit on bottom and was really baggy around the bust and shoulders

3. Clothing of the style that I like is soo expensive. And, since I started sewing, I have realised the quality of the RTW I can afford is not good enough for my tastes.

So back to the dresses.



This is an orange-red linen, princess seamed dress from Glassons. I took it to Spotlight to match the fabric on the bottom, a mid-heavy weight cotton drill with white sunflowers on it.


The dress is really comfortable, and it needs a belt to look it’s best. The arm hole is crazy big and so the dress has some serious side boob, as seen below.




Next dress is a blue sateen dress made from New Look 6910 – which I no longer have as it was the pattern we used for my bridesmaids dresses and I sent my copy to one of the girls in Christrhurch.



Hello, neck gape! The most common alteration I have to make to patterns is taking this out – I guess I have narrow shoulders?? It’s a princess seam bodice (which I have always much preferred over darts) with pleated skirt and cap sleeves. I didn’t line it and didn’t know how to finish the neckline, so did a sort of machine scallop on the neckline.



The next was made from New Look 6824, from a floral cotton with a waffle-like finish that is remarkably comfortable. The Fabric Warehouse has similar fabric at the moment, I should have found out the name.

This was one was made and almost finished in Nelson January 2012. It got almost finished before I tried it on, HATED the neckline, and away it went. I pulled it out several months later and finished the zip and hem, and it’s actually one of my favourite dresses to wear – the fabric is really soft, it has a good amount of ease, although it is a touch too short for my tastes. I’m still not a fan of the square neckline and it does gape a bit, but it doesn’t bother me too much.





3 thoughts on “Dresses of 2013

    • Ha I know – I currently don’t have a camera to use as I have.. misplaced my battery charger. So most of these photos were done by my sister-in-law, borrowing her flatmate’s camera; and a couple are iPhone pictures.

      This reminds me to actually order another battery charger already. Then I just have to wrangle the husband to take photos of me.

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