Older projects of 2013: my two pendrell’s

Seeing as I have half a wardrobe full of hand-made clothes, I thought I would combine posts for all old projects.

First up, is my two pendrell’s. I’ve actually made four of these in total – one “wearable muslin” in a stiffer blue fabric which is actually rather nice, but I found I didn’t wear it (and actually I have no idea where it went). The last was made in a lovely soft cotton from Fabric Vision in Christchurch – I left off the sleeves and finished the edges with old, bought bias binding. Unfortunately I think I didn’t stay stitch the neckline so it’s stretched out quite a bit – I think I can fix it by lowering the neckline, but it’ll have to wait until I’m really bored.

One of my favourite tops EVER is this blue pendrell with flamingos on it. Come on, flamingos. It’s a strange polyester from Spotlight (they often don’t say what the fabric actually is) that has a bit of stretch so is really comfortable.


In terms of alterations to the pattern, I have shortened it several inches (I’m guessing the original is meant for an almost tunic, because I’m quite tall and it comes past my bum), and just fitted the princess seams to my shape.

DSCN5408  These sleeves are so comfortable, y’all


The other is another polyester of some kind, also from Spotlight. No close up of the fabric, oops, but it’s got tiny little flowers on it. This has absolutely no stretch so, while it’s not uncomfortable, it does show a fit issue I’m yet to address in terms of horizontal neck gaping. I’ve never had this problem before but you can see it in this picture:


I think I just need to take some height off the shoulder and adjust the sleeve hole to fit.

PS would you believe someone remarked on how “colourful” I was in this outfit? Granted, I was wearing a green cardigan – but this is not that colourful. I get so many comments if I wear something so simple as coloured stockings – srsly, noone wears colours in the hospital.



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