Bodice sloper + self-drafted collar + colette ginger

A mashup.


This is the first completed garment fmade from my bodice sloper*. The first (you can see in my last WIP Wednesday post) is a dress made out of a deep red Tencel. I cut out the sleeves but forgot and sewed up the armholes to the lining so it will be sleeveless. It’s currently just waiting for a zip and a hem. The second dressi s balled up in the bottom of the wardrobe – made in a burnt orange double knit, the top fits well but the skirt is waaaay too small. Grossly so, in that it shows every lump and bump and is just gross.


But this dress, I like. It’s made from a cotton with stretch (kind of a sateen but stiffer) from The Fabric Store, it’s made from the bodice sloper, the colette ginger skirt (the the center seam taken out and pleats added in line with the princess seams) and a self-drafted collar.


The collar fabric has been in my shash for absolutely yonks, I have no idea where it originally came from. It’s a really soft drill-like cotton with cherries and polka dots on it, that I had maybe a fat quarter size in. The pearl buttons are from Made of Marion – thanks to Mrs. C for helping me pick them out.


My hair needs a wash pretty badly here.

Kat (from Modern Vintage Cupcakes) helped me take these pictures, in an alley near Made on Marion. Very nice of her and I was very nervous, never having taken blog shots before. This was also the day I met Kat, and got invited to join the Wellington Sewing Blogger’s Group.

IMG_4003 Um, my lower stomach pouch is not that pronounced in real life, I don’t think.



Pattern: Sloper, self-drafted collar, colette ginger for the skirt

Fabric: 2.3m of cotton ?sateen from the Fabric Store – first 2m bought in a sale so $28, 30cm for the sleeves bought at full price so $6 ==> $34

Notions: black thread (stash, and awful quality), zipper $3.50, buttons, $3.60 or so

Total price: $41.10

* The bodide sloper was made in the dress fitting class run by Mrs. C at Made on Marion.



4 thoughts on “Bodice sloper + self-drafted collar + colette ginger

    • Oops should clarify, I didn’t fully draft the bodice. I did the bodice fitting class at Made on Marion and this was my result. I am planning on using it to base new designs off, so I no longer have to buy patterns unless they have a dramatically different silhouette.

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