Ginger ginger ginger!

So, I have finally finished my fourth Colette ginger! The first (in a navy cotton twill) I gave to my friend Alina Savin (amazing photographer, unfortunately moving to Berlin with her partner in a couple of weeks) because the waist gaped a bit, both due to too much fabric and the boning I inserted. I’ve asked her for a photo of her wearing it.

The second is my favourite, in a brown wool from The Fabric Store (previously Global Fabrics) with a bow at the front, lined with a forest green polyester from my stash (originally bought from trademe). The wool drapes beautifully, the waistband sits snugly at my waist (because of my uber-pear shape I usually have huge difficulty finding clothes tight enough at the waist with enough room for my generous behind). I bought 1.5m (can’t remember how much it cost, about $30?) and found out that I only needed a metre for future projects – possibly because The Fabric Store’s fabric is so wide (around 1.8m)


This was my second ever lined garment (the first being my Cambie which is lined in a delicate cotton batiste that was a bitch to work with but lovely to wear) and dear lord I will never go back – because the cambie is a summer dress I don’t wear it with stockings, whereas this brown wool is definitely a winter skirt, and it doesn’t pull up at ALL when I walk.

The one issue I have (only one! Seriously this skirt is probably the best thing I have ever made) is that the hem on the lining is really off – probably because of the parts that are on the bias it has pulled funny, and I’ve probably done too wide a hem anyway.

IMG_1641Bad posture (this is my norm) brings out the main fitting issue with the blouse, the excess length in the upper bust.

I’m wearing this with my second Pendrell blouse, made out of some sort of floral polyester from Spotlight Thorndon.


And the insides, with an awesome tag – bought this and several others (half of which I’ve LOST somewhere in my house!) from a fabric shop in Lower Hutt – their fabric is really quite overpriced ($30/m for cotton sateen that’s only 130cm wide? Okay, it was polka dots, and yes I loooove sateen, but srsly) but they have a wall of these garment tags for around $1 each.

The third Ginger is made from a gorgeous watermelon linen, also from The Fabric Store, lined with a capsicum-yellow fabric (??content) from my stash, also bought off trademe. I love the colour but the linen (predictably) creases like crazy so it probably isn’t really that great for wearing to work where I go from sittinng to standing and back a LOT. The creasing also means that the lining peeks out quite a lot, so I’ll have to shorten the lining a bit – and I’m also on the look out for a matching lace to add (like this one from Sewaholic). I am getting better at adding little personal touches to my items – it’s taken me a long time, considering these sorts of things are what catches my eye in RTW clothing)


The fourth is my recently (almost) finished ginger in red tartan, from The Fabric Warehouse, lined with a black fabric of some kind, from a Lower Hutt op shop – originally planned to use for a dress but I couldn’t find black lining that I wanted to use, so this was sacrificed. It’s been hanging up for about a month waiting to be hemmed!!


I’m quite proud of how I lined up all the lines at the front and sides. I think it may have made the seams a touch sqiuffy though – now sure if that’s the fabric or the sewing. My sister-in-law came over to help with a photoshoot and this was the last one photographed, hence the silly dancing. Enjoy!


She told me to spin



Chicken dance?



This is me showing how it’s not hemmed, and how naughty I am for not hemming and finishing stuff as soon as I’m done. I hate hemming.

Awesomely, all three skirts are machine washable – although the tags advised against it for all three (srsly, you’re not supposed to machine wash linen?). The wools are textured in such a way that they wont felt, not really, and when I was discussing it with the lady at Fabric Warehouse, another customer popped up to say she’d just made a shirt from it and it came out fine in the machine.


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